Outfits 😀 First up a blue outfit with a back braid. So completely obsessed with braids, this is one of my favorites at the moment!


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VioletLeBeauxP1080237_19167VioletLeBeauxP1080238_19168And the full outfit:VioletLeBeauxP1080223_19153

Dress: ebay
Shoes: Femme Connection
Scarf: ebay
Brooch: Amaranth Opulent

My bee earrings are still favorites 😀  I love little details.



Make up for the outfit was a pale gold and purple mix. I haven’t been wearing very may bright colours lately but I’d like to start again!


You kind of already saw this outfit in my wall papering post 😀


Another braid this time from one side of the head to the other and ending in a fishtail.


The full outfit:


I love this for chilly Winter days, the dress is super warm and the stockings are double layered so they’re warmer than jeans!


Dress: Ice
Tights: Ebay
Glasses: Pink
Jacket: Taobao
Scarf: Camberwell markets

Here I am on the way home from seeing a friend on a very rainy cold day!


Yet another braid hahaha! See obsession! There will be tutorials for all of these the next time I can get a day to film.

This look is softer with the curls around the face.


I used some beach spray to give it a heap of volume. I think braids look really good when they are a little messy and puffy!


And the sides…


Lastly another variation of the blue dress from the first outfit that I wore to see my Mum. I’ve been trying to wear my scarves out more so here’s another example 😀


Hope you enjoyed! ^_^