The house make over Home Sweet Home style continues with another really easy yet extremely effective project… wall papering doors with wrapping paper! And it’s a built in photo back drop 😀


Our bedroom has no windows, it only has a big sliding door and matching side glasses. It is very pretty but it does kind of suck for lighting. They look really plain and boring so I always want to jazz them up into some kind of feature.I’ve done this before but last time I didn’t think it through fully so after a few months it turned into this…


This time I measured and thought about the colours I was buying.


You need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Thin double sided tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
So first step, measure the place you want to cover. Seriously. Do it really well. Measure twice, cut once and all those sayings are true. It’s much easier to do this right now then to screw around with it when you’re standing on a stool on one leg leaning across to try to put the last bit of tape in.


Pull off all of the old paper.


Clean the windows very thoroughly.


Lay the paper out flat. I’m using $2 a roll wrapping paper from the junk store, you can use real wall paper but it’s very expensive and hard to find in Aus.


I layered the old paper on there to cut around but you can just measure and rule your shape on.


So cut it all out.


If you don’t have a ruler long enough you can carefully fold it into shape and cut along the line very carefully.


Repeat  until all of your rectangles are cut out.


Now bring them back in and grab your double sided tape. I don’t recommend using poster dots unless you have a heap of them because these tend to be quite heavy. Much cheaper to use a roll of double sided tape.


So to stick it on you need to have everything ready at once, stick a long line of tape all the way along the top.


Add several along the middle, bottom and sides too.


Peel the top tape and carefully stick the paper to it starting at once side and going across. Next peel the middle pieces of tape and smooth it down. Do the bottom last. Press all over it firmly. Cut any random pieces which stick out along the sides with a scalpel. My windows were poorly constructed so they weren’t exactly square making it a pain in the butt.


Repeat over and over again until you’re all done and that’s it! Notice the floor full of scraps from the tape XD


I was so happy with how it turned out that I took a photo in my pajamas XD


And in photos it just looks fantastic! So happy with them and they really brighten up the room!


Nice and easy so anyone could do it and it cost very little! One step closer to my Home Sweet Home!

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