So that Sydney thing I did in February?

It’s a book 😀

…and it’s been released 😀

…and there’s a video 😀


You can read all about the Toni and Guy Hair Meets Wardrobe Blogged and Bound campaign on their website. The general idea though is that they took some of Australia’s top fashion and beauty bloggers and showed how their hair products could work in with the wardrobes.

Now because it’s a very pretty book and I’m excited here are some photos from the inside!


Hey that’s a familiar face!!


All that food is real! I ate so many of those macarons on the day XD


Aaaand the crew came to my house and Glamaz Melbourne to film the video version of it! Take a look  and let me know what you think! 😀

You can see the rest of my part including the interview I did and the full photos in the book over here. Make sure to check out the other bloggers too!

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