So it’s been a while between Home Sweet Home projects but I’m so motivated at the moment that I did like 10 of them last week 😀 First up we have a needle felted hedgehog pin cushion! Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60999

This is the second part of the previous organising of the pin cushion project. Home-Make-Over-Journal-5 Lovely reader Erin sent me a really cute pattern for a stitched felt hedgehog which I am going to make as well but I am SUPER obsessed with needle felting at the moment, it’s such an easy craft and really quick too once you get the hang of it! I bought a needle from Morris and Sons and some roving from Lincraft to start myself off ad see if I actually enjoyed it before I went crazy. VioletLeBeauxFelted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60799_17763 For the base of the hedgehog I used some white pillow stuffing so I didn’t waste my yarn XD Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60965 Stab it into a little ball the size of the body you want and flatten the bottom. I might do a more detailed tutorial/video on this later if anyone wants to see ^_^ Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60966 Cut a small piece of wool to use as a nose. Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60970 Spin it into a point at one end. Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60971 Felt it into shape and then felt it into one end of the ball. Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60973 Add random colours all over the body. I made mine quite fluffy and used synthetic fluff because it looked more cotton candy-ish. Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60975 Add some little back eyes. Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60976 And little round feet for it to stand on. Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60977 Then once it’s the density you want (fairly thick) you just need to pop in all of your pins! Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-70003 My old pin cushion looks a little sad next to the super cute hedgehog! Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60997Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-60998 The other project I made with my kit that night was a little fox! Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-70004 I love foxes, they look so cuddly… they’re not in real life but they look like they should be! Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-70005Felted-Hedgehog-Pin-Cushion-DIY-70010 I also tried to make a Bergamot before I had any black roving so she didn’t turn out so well XD Now that I have more colours I want to remake her! VioletLeBeauxIMG_4866_18064 Have any of you guys tried needle felting? I think I’m completely addicted now!

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