This is a mini project, literally. ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-57_1276 copyVioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-37_1274 copy

Take 1 paper clipVioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-38_1274 copy

Bend it in the middle and push the sides up to the top.

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-39_1274 copy

You made a heart paper clip, hurray!

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-41_1274 copy

Squish the extra parts into the middle.

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-42_1274 copy


VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-43_1274 copy

Then take some red wire.

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-44_1275 copy

Make a loop at the top.

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-46_1275 copy

Wind it around and around and around and around and around.

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-48_1275 copy

When you get to this area you will need to start winding it around each of the top bumps.

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-50_1275 copy

Keep going until you either run out of wire or it looks finished.

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-52_1275 copy

Messy and adorable. I think if you made like 10 of them you could decorate a tiny adorable Christmas tree  XD

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-59_1276 copy

In theory you could also make whatever shape you wanted if you had some pliers haha!

VioletLeBeaux-paperclip-heart-tutorial-54_1276 copy

Or it could be a wall hanging in a doll’s house XD Or a gift for your friend who really likes The Used hahaha!

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