Outfit time!

Last week someone asked me via email how I dress when I’m around the house. It’s Winter here at the moment so generally I wear something like this which is comfy but also warm and still pretty cute.


I keep my hair in a bun when at home usually because it’s easy and low maintenance. The jumper is from the Camberwell Markets ($2), the pants are from Target ($14) and the slippers are from Big W ($7.50). I like to keep home clothes nice and cheap because they get worn so much harder than dressy clothes!VioletLeBeauxP1060813_17777I took some make up shots using a really cool pink lighting set up at a camera expo we were at last weekend. I want a pink light now too!


I’ve been having fun with my hair more too thinking of ideas for tutorials. This is a sweeping braid wrapped with a side bun.




Back where all the cool parts are:


Random make up which I love.


Another big fun hair style, this is using my DIY sausage donut thingy 😀


Now a really casual outfit for days when I just can’t be bothered XD


Shoes: 7 Angels
Jeans- Cotton On
Shirt- 7 Angels

Looks even better with a beret because it reminds me of an artist’s smock XD


And lastnight a nice dinner outfit 😀


Dress: Ice
Cardigan: Peter Alexander
Hat: Gift
Scarf: Annie Kay
Shoes: Gift from Chrissy

Have you guys done anything fun this week??