Remember I was filming stuff a while ago for a TV show?!

It’s airing today and it’s Tokyo Kawaii International 😀 😀 😀

I am so beyond excited and honored to have been asked to appear on the show, especially one about handmade kawaii fashion!

You can watch the episode online on the NHK World website below so check your local timezone for listing time over here, it’s being played several times today! I’m on at the very end, but the whole show is amazing so make sure you stay tuned!

Click here to go to the NHK World site and watch the channel in the top right corner!

Also go check out the Tokyo Kawaii.i Facebook page to let them know what you thought of the show!!

I can’t put into words how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity… being awake many hours before usual and not having had a cup of tea probably doesn’t help so I will write more about the experience when I am a bit more coherent!

Talk to you guys soon!

<3 Violet

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