Do you know that fabric glue is totally awesome? I bought some for $2 at a craft store sale and have been abusing it since XD

So here was my first project… beaded hair accessories. I saw some of these on ebay and also in stores like Diva  but making one is more fun!


You need:

  • Beads of various colours
  • Felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Alice band or hair clip
Cut out a random piece of felt in a squiggly shape. You can plan it out before hand if you want or just cut and hope it ends up ok haha.


Start in small sections and add glue around the outlines.


Place the beads on. You can do it one by one with tweezers but I don’t have that kind of patience so I wet my finger slightly and picked up several at a time.


Once you have the outline done you can start filling in the middle.


Use different colours to give it more depth and different effects.


When it’s completely filled in leave the whole thing to dry overnight.


Here’s another one I made which is a bit more traditionally cute ^_^


Cut a bow shape out of felt.


Add glue over the whole thing (it’s little so you can probably do the whole thing before it all dries.


Place the darker pearls around as an outline.


Fill in the middles with lighter pearls.


Once they are dry the next day glue on some more felt as little channels to the back. This is how it will grab on to the aliceband.


The little bow just needs something small to grab on to because I’m just using a bobby pin.


DONE! Now after adding the alice band or clip it’s time to wear them out with pride! 😀



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