You know how I’ve been having that whole wardrobe clean out thing? Well it continues as I try to change up some older clothes instead of throwing them out 😀

Today I thought I’d show how I turned a knitted dress into a comfy nordic poncho. I really loved this dress but it just never looked right on me 🙁 Something about the lack of waist and slight curved line in the bottom that just made me look odd. But I love the print so I couldn’t let it go just yet XD


First thing, a note about working with knitted fabrics like this, be VERY careful. Honestly don’t cut knitted fabric unless you’re going to be very quick in sewing it back up otherwise you will find things unravelling. You will need to either overlock all of the seams or you should use a princess seaming technique to seal in all raw edges completely.VioletLeBeaux-Poncho-Upcycle-_6091_9297So, to turn the dress into a poncho, the first thing I did was snip off the side seams.VioletLeBeaux-Poncho-Upcycle-_6092_9298

I folded the bottom up to work out how long the end result would be.


And snipped it off 😀


Then snipped it in half again..


… to make big sleeves!


I trimmed so it all fit together well.


Then started sewing up the seams.


All the pieces laid out look like this:


Sewn together and seamed:


To top it off I added some tassels to the edge out of left over yarn. Easy!


It’s nice and warm for the current season and now at least I can wear it!


What do you guys think? Do you prefer stuff like this or completely done from scratch clothes?

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