Snapity snaps 😀

Earlier in the year James and I visited the Moomba Festival! We thought it was an acronym for Melbourne something something something but turns out the name has a pretty interesting story behind it as an Aboriginal word and apparently a double meaning too. Wikipedia has the full story.

It was very sunny and hot that day.


There was quite a crowd of young families but the way it was hyped up on TV I was expecting it to be a big bigger.VioletLeBeauxP1050242_15744Up the top in this photo you can see the world’s smallest kite… apparently XD It was around 3cm plus the tail and very hard to get a photo of!


There were rides and mini stalls, I liked these planes painted to look like the red baron.


I thought the bears were kind of creepy XD


Speaking of creepy, there was a magic house too. That’s not the creepy part though…


The airbrushed almost faceless naked lady on the side is the creepy part *_*


My eyes, they burn.


There was a group of drummers who were really fun to watch, the kids were really good.


The super hero was spnsored by the Melbourne zoo… I’m not sure how big muscles help in fighting extinction but I’m sure it does in some way.


Lots of people brought their pets too, I love fluffy dogs 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1050256_9260 copy

Absolute highlight was the BMX competition, the host was so funny!


He spent the whole time paying out the skaters and telling us that the louder we cheered, the more likely someone would stack it XD


We left because of the heat before anything really interesting happened but the under 15’s were pretty good.


I was most interested in the gigantic wall of candy floss 😀


There were rides but I’m always too scared to go on them!


Toy mode makes everything look cool.


Even the river is pretty in toy mode XD


My outfit!


Now on to other days 😀

This is just about the cutest car I’ve seen!


Random cute clothes I spotted in stores, proof that if you look hard enough you can find things that could be used in hime gyaru outfits anywhere!


VioletLeBeauxP1050246_9250 copyVioletLeBeauxP1050248_9252 copy

Usamimi at Valley Girl!

VioletLeBeauxP1050324_9562 copy

Sweet bags!

VioletLeBeauxP1050251_9255 copy

James and I visited Celina and Tobias to film some videos. James was filming a scene for one of Toby’s videos where he gets mugged XD


Some great acting here!


While this was happening, Celina and I pretty much did…. nooothing.


To be fair, we filmed like 5 videos while they were just planning their first one XD


Enjoy as I abuse the sepia function of my camera 😀 😀 😀


Lastly I went to the fashion week after party that Glamaz held for those involved in the show.


Omg this was so yummy, I can’t remember what was in it but I want to find out and make at home! I think I love all foods that wrap up XD


Apparently my hair was like Lady Gaga XD


Gigantic fish thingy! Man, I really need to pay more attention to the names of the foods I’m eating, BAD BLOGGER! I just get caught up in the eating part, this is why I’ll never be a food blogger XD


Everyone looking adorable!


Wow that’s a lot of fun things in one post 😀 Hope you enjoyed too! Did you all have a good week?

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