Evening 😀

I wanted to give an update on the Bergamot progress because it’s been so long!

Firstly at the moment having stuffed toys like my original Bergamot looks like it’s going to take a while longer because I need to save up the capital to actually order them. The factories have quite large minimum orders so it’s going to take me a while to save up. Sewing them myself just isn’t an option because the amount of work that goes in means a huge amounts of time. That said I do have some which are already completed and I am going to be using them as prizes in competitions coming up so please look forward to that!

Now in the mean time I have found some other options!

A lot of you mentioned in the original survey that you loved the design but didn’t have a use for a stuffed animal so I’ve been looking into some more practical ideas 😀

First off, soon there will be Bergamot nail decals through one of my partners!

Secondly at the moment I’m sifting through order forms to get cell phone charms, necklaces and key charms made up. I should be receiving the samples of those very soon so I’ll finally have something concrete to show YAY!

I also promised that I would illustrate the original story that the lovely Moonlight Seedling wrote. I’ve had a lot of fun breaking out my watercolors again for this so I’ve decided that it’s going to be a series 😀

Of course I’m getting a head of myself there again already haha! So this post isn’t completely a text wall, please enjoy looking over some photos of the first coloured drafts. Obviously these are just super quick photos of them but you can get an idea of the style ^_^

And once again THANK YOU to everyone that reads and supports me through this site, you are all amazing and I am so lucky to be able to do things like this!


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