I love when good people’s hard work pays off. This is one of those times, I’ve known Kaz from her blog Pretty Random online for years and she is so nice, her posts are hilarious and she does awesome nail polish swatches. Anyway fast forward to a while ago and she announced that she was going to be launching her own line of cosmetics. A cosmetics line which took her massive amount of knowledge from testing other people’s products into account. She and I have very similar taste when it comes to polish so it was at that point that the drool started forming on the side of my mouth.

Then she started posting swatches of her samples and I was so excited that I started throwing money at my computer screen and hoping some of that glittery goodness would magically appear on my desk. Funnily enough with her store not open yet that didn’t work XD However she did contact me a few weeks ago and offer to send some samples over for me to try so YAY that!

This is what arrived in my post box from Pretty Serious Cosmetics: