Guitar Hero! James is obsessed with it, he’s only had the PS3 since Christmas so he’s catching up on all the games he’s missed in the last few years including looking like a tool playing Guitar Hero 😀

But our controllers were second hand and had ugly Metalica stickers from their previous owner. Meh.

James requested a remake and I was happy to oblige!


First I removed the face plate and laid it out on the fabric face down.VioletLeBeaux-tartan-guitar-hero-modification-09_14587I cut around it leaving a few cm around the edges.VioletLeBeaux-tartan-guitar-hero-modification-13_14591

Next went all round the edge and snipped it around the edges every few cm. This was so I could glue it flat around the curves.


One by one I folded the flaps over and hot glued them in place.


This is how it ended up, nice and clean!


I used the same technique to cut out the holes in the middle.




Lastly I used fabric glue to add little metal findings and bits and pieces to make it a bit more punk-rockish ^_^


So did James like it?



Tomorrow you’ll get to see what I did with mine 😀

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