I saw a lot of things in this edition of snapshots! Lots of cool stuff I want to buy one day 😀

Firstly, I love stupid small print like this:

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-30433_1376 copy

In the same shop that was in I spotted a super bling snow man XDVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-30413_1374 copyI had a hilarious argument with James over these marshmallows. He was convinced the first time he got the new bubblegum McFlurry that it had some kind of magic bubblegum pieces in it but only the first time he got it, every time after it was regular mini marshmallows. I was convinced that the first time it was just old crappy squished marshmallows XDThese old crappy squished marshmallows proved my point! Take that james!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-30430_1375 copy

We tried smoothies which are layered and you’re not supposed to stir them. Advertised as the best juice in Melbourne.


The shop is really cute.


The juice was… ok XD


James made super yummy chicken parmigana.


We had some beautifully clear sky days too! I love how crazy the weather in Melbourne is but it’s nice to see the sky sometimes!


They completely ripped up one of the main streets too so the tram lines could be replaced. I’m really glad they’re doing it but all the construction means a lot of road closures.


I found all of my missing photos from the Tsumiki hair event too so you can see the cool waves my hair was in!


So straight! This look makes me want to get off my butt and straighten my hair properly regularly!


Waving in progress…




Super cute and volumey!


Continuing the James’ birthday photos we walked past a Korean restaurant that had a whole wall of visiting pop stars.


James and his birthday cupcake…


He also had some birthday chocolates at Max Brenner.


Biggest truffle EVER.


I can’t remember when this was >_< But pretty church!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50175_9458 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50177_9460 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50173_9456 copy

I saw this wig and debated getting it to restyle into a hime style.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50187_9470 copy

The others in the collection had pretty terribly photoshopped images on the front XD I wonder if this girl even knows her photos are being used!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50188_9471 copy

I spotted this sign at a noodle bar, I kind of want to try it, I can’t imagine eating two bowls though!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50192_9475 copy

Tiny sleeping bags! I know they’re just for displays but I totally imagine elves or something using them XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50191_9474 copy

A handbag shaped postit note dispenser!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50195_9478 copy

And lastly twisty candy cane erasers, I love office works.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-50198_9481 copy

Hope you all had a good week!

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