My iphone case was getting a bit beaten up and dirty so it was time to change it up for something new and fun!

The end result!


This was something I’d thought about for a while because my current style is trying to talk the line between super cute and a little bit older and classier. I want a phone which can be super cute every day but one that I won’t need to worry about pulling out in a meeting XDSo what is the solution!?INTERCHANGEABLE SLIDING CASES!I bought this cute phone case on ebay for $5, the same one in stores here is $30 >_< Ebay for the win!


Anyway the cool thing about this case is that it comes apart and the back plate slides out so you can remove the back plate without having to take the whole case off. They sell a lot of different designs which are classy and quite understated but this means there’s the possibility of carrying different plates and switching out on the occasion 😀 You  could even have different ones depending on outfits! WIN.


So I didn’t want to wait another few weeks to get different plates posted and they didn’t have any blingy ones so I decided to make my own from scratch.

You need:

  • An old sketch book with a plastic cover
  • Scalpel and scissors
  • Coloured pencil
  • Bling
  • Epoxy glue
  • Paint matching your plate


You need something hard to use for the face plate. Plastic is good so I recycled an old sketchbook cover, it’s the perfect width to fit into the grooves of the case.

I traced around the edge of the original plate to get the shape.


This is where the coloured pencil is useful because it shows up on the black sketchbook.


After cutting it out and placing it into the case it looked like this:


Yay! Now you need to cut out a hole for the camera 😀 Again trace with the pencil.


Mine next to the original!


Done! Now it’s time for the deco to begin 😀 Deco looks best if you have the same colour base, because it’s so dark I used a white acrylic base coat first.


Then painted it pink with nail polish.


So before I could go any further I had to remove the old deco on my phone. Some of you guys asked when I originally did it whether the contact would really protect the phone… the answer is yes so let’s see how much!

I VERY carefully slid a scalpel around the edges between the contact and the phone. I angled it a little upwards at all times so as to avoid scratching the phone. Seriously, if you’re going to this please be extremely careful.

Because the contact was covered with epoxy glue to hold on the gems it was very hard and easily popped up straight away once I wiggled it a bit.


I managed to remove the entire piece without damaging it 😀


Aaaand crappy photo but my phone doesn’t have a scratch on it. In fact it’s in far better condition than the front is XD


In fact, I made yet another face plate using the deco I removed by resticking it to a white piece of paper and then another plate I cut out. WIN!


Aaanyway, back to deco-ing the new one.

First up I lined up the large pieces and glued them down with epoxy. These are bits of necklaces that BGDino sent me!


I wanted to make sure that I didn’t deco too far around the edges so I kept it in the outside case from this point on. Next I added pearls and other large pieces around the edges of the necklace.


And filled the rest in with some small diamantes.


Super simple design.


And the best part is I can make as many of these as I like and change it up often!


I’ll never get bored 😀


I’m going to try making some painted ones next too 😀


You could even change them depending on how big the handbag you’re using is haha! Little for dinners and then big for and everyday bag XD


Hope you guys enjoyed! What do you think my next design should be? I could do a Bergamot one!!

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