Oh my god, first round up in aaaages! I had a bit of an unscheduled break from videos but I’m back with a vengeance!

First up the video of Clara doing my leopard print nails 😀

Morning Make Up!

Also I’ve started doing another month of V-Logs! YAAAAY Seriously I had so much fun with it in December that I was really excited to start again… unfortunately it’s been a bit of a slow start >_< I haven’t been able to  show as many of the things I’ve been doing because they’re under contract at the moment but the videos of them will come later. I also had an allergic reaction to some lash glue so I’ve been avoiding showing my face… but things will pick up and get awesome soon I promise 😀

If you have any requests for stuff to include in the videos leave a comment! Hope you’re all having a good week! We’re thinking of a Q and A session too so fi you have any questions for us leave them in the comments too!