In February I visited Sydney for a blogger photoshoot with Toni and Guy. The finished results are going to be out including a video in mid May so I’ll show you all the results then but for now I’ve been allowed to post some of my snapshots from the trip 😀

There is a teaser video too, I’m at 24 seconds in!

Here I am with the awesome hair and make up team from the shoot! I’ll introduce everyone in more detail in the proper post on it but for now here are some snaps!


I had around 4 hours sleep the night before because of a hotel mix up so I was pretty sleepy, they treated me like a princess though, people kept bring me tea XDMy awesome hairdresser Jude, she was so much fun!VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-756_15211

The photographer Taek Yang who made the entire day so much fun, I was a bit nervous but he was so funny an relaxed that I wanted it to go on for ages!


I have a lot more photos to post from behind the scenes once the final images are released so look forward to that!

We spent the rest of the day in Sydney wandering around the city looking at shops. Both of us were pretty tired though so we ended up going to the airport and catching an earlier flight. I missed out on meeting up with The Fashionate Traveller too ;_; Next time!!!


I snacked on some left over treats from the shoot all day haha.


I’m so glad someone finally made a parody of those stick figure family car stickers XD


We went to Kinokuniya to browse and I spotted this Lego Bible:


And this, how adorable?! Bunny out of the hat icecream molds!




Another pretty bulding on the way home, Sydney’s architecture is so different to Melbourne.


James and I played Harbour Master in the airport while the flight was delayed for a few hours.


Back at home I won a Totoro at claw machine!


I totally want a big iron gate in my home like this.


So beautiful and detailed.


We went to dinner with my Mum at another Korean restaurant (it’s all I’ve been craving lately!).


James pretty much always orders some kind of ribs no matter here we go XD


And I always get bibimbap, I should try something new, any recommendations??


Omg Gami chicken too! We went to Gami Chicken with Kim, it’s a Korean fried chicken place ommmg so good! I’m hungry already again haha!


Kimchi pancake is so good!


Lastly the view in Chinatown at night before the lights get switched on.


Hope you guys had a good week too!


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