Nice quick skirt modification today.

I used to wear this skirt when I worked in an office, it’s really pretty but it hangs too low on my waist for my current wardrobe. I originally bought it at the Valley Girl outlet store for $4 and like 6 years later it’s still going strong 😀

These days I wear things of  different silhouette so I decided to take the skirt in and make it high waisted, here’s the end result.


This was very straight forward. Skirt before:VioletLeBeauxHigh-Waisted-Work-Skirt239_17096I tried on the skirt and held it as high as I wanted it. Then I folded the left over fabric and pinned it in place. This is the view while having it on, you may need someone else’ help to pin without sticking yourself XD


I then took it off and made sure there were no creases along the fold. Once it was completely flat and following the lines of the pleats already in the skirt, I stitched it down.


After 😀


And ready to wear out 😀


Time to get back to my filing haha 😀