I’ve been on a bit of an online shopping spree…. well not an online shopping spree, more of an online window shopping spree XD

Anyway, getting back to the point, everywhere I keep seeing these big drapy cardigans with dolman/batwing sleeves. I’ve never had something with a cut like that and to be honest I didn’t think it would look great on me so I didn’t want to pay any money for one in case it did look completely unflattering XD

So time to DIY!


You need:

  • Some kind of nice fabric, again I was being cheap so I used some left overs from another project
  • Lace for the edges
  • Sewing machine and overlocker, I probably wouldn’t hand stitch this because it would take forever.
First lay out your fabric flat.

Cut it into a big square. To decide on how big roughly estimate how long you want it to hang down from your neck-back and use that as the side measurements.


Now fold each of the corners in to the middle.


And where they meet up horizontally pin them together. The corners on the left side go together as do the right ones.


Cut off the point at the end, this is where your hands will poke out of the sleeves 😀


Now stitch down the sides that you pinned together. I prefer to use an overlocker for this but you can also zigzag to keep the edges from unraveling.


You should have something like this 😀


And this is where you should have stitched:


Now really that’s all the cardigan is made up of… seriously. It’s just because of the shape that they drape so nicely. I decided to decorate mine with some random lace Celeste gave me for my stash.


I stitched it all around the neckline/center hole in a big circle.


I added it to the sleeves as well to match.




And yep that’s all there is to it 😀 It’s long and comfy 😀 I think I would considering buying or making a big knit one. In fact, I have a blanket I knit ages ago that I could easily turn into one of these!


What do you guys think Yay or Nay to big batwing sleeves like this?


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