The super awesome Clara H invited me to come have my nails done again over the weekend!

This time I wanted something a bit simpler than last time, I gave her the ideas of pastel, leopard print and girly.

Here’s what she came up with 😀


Looove them 😀 Exactly what I wanted! Clara is so wonderfully creative and she knows my taste so well.

DSC_6372-wwwJimmyAmericacomThe nails have a base of pastel pink/orange/purple with light brown leopard print. She then sculpted 3d bows as well as adding in lots of bling to satisfy my love of shininess.DSC_6371-wwwJimmyAmericacom

The middle fingers have these massive pearl bows with a metal base, I’ve never seen any of these before but they are so cute! They look awesome on the brighter pink base too.


Close ups of the bling and pearl details:


Last time there were quite a few questions about how comfortable they were to wear. After the first day I really didn’t notice the length anymore, the largest jewels occasionally got caught in my hair but that was fixed with a top coat. Other than that I really didn’t find any difference to having normal nails. By the end of the month I had to file them down a bit so they were the original length and other than top coating occasionally that was the only maintenance I did.


The thumbs are my favorites 😀


Moooore nail photos 😀


I filmed this one too so video coming up soon there.


Clara is going to start doing more in depth video tutorials soon too so if there is anything that you want to see or learn how to do let me know in the comments!


So if you’re in Melbourne and want to get your nails done make sure you check out Clara at Tsumiki salon to book in 😀 And if you’re not in Melbourne go check her gallery anyway for amazing designs.

Thank you for such pretty nails Clara!!


What kind of design should I get next time?!

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