Does sweater surgery still count as tshirt surgery? XD

In The Great Wardrobe Clean Out Of 2012 James’ old work uniform jumper was on the chopping list. It’s very soft but so ugly and seeing as he hasn’t worked at this place for almost 4 years there was really no reason to keep it.

Totally flattering? Not so much…


Bring on a challenge!

I love going through the throwing away pile of clothes because I can do whatever I like with them without fear of ruining something good! So time to get out those scissors and start cutting >:DThis is what I started with and I was aiming for a big, loose , comfy, so-ugly-it’s-cute kind of sweater for relaxing in.VioletLeBeaux-tshirt-surgery-tutorial-685_16448First thing I did was remove the horrible collar and cut it into a boat neck.


Next I cut the bottom into a more flattering “U” shape.


I cut down the front to remove the zip and sewed it back together again. This made a more flattering neck shape too.VioletLeBeaux-tshirt-surgery-tutorial-691_16454

There wasn’t really a need to finish the cut seams because this kind of polar fleece doesn’t fray but I zigzagged them anyway with contrasting thread.


Next some details! Plain black is boring so I used up some striped scraps to cover it with cuter hearts.


All different sizes and directions to make it adorably random.


Then of course my sewing machine died so James spent 20 minutes trying to fix it while I sulked on the couch.


Once it was fixed I zigzagged around the edges. Had I been even lazier I would have just used fabric glue 😀




So what do you think? I’m loving it, removing all of the thick edging makes it drape so much more and it’s super comfy now!


Sorry guys it’s too comfy… nap time!


Tshirt/sweater surgery for the win 😀 And an old crappy jumper which was going to be thrown out now has a new life!

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