Quite a while ago the lovely Yumeko came to visit Aus and she gifted me with some chocolate Pocky molds. I suck and therefore I have only now gotten off my butt to actually buy pocky so I can make these. Yeah I suck.

Yay Food Friday though 😀 😀 😀

You need:

  • Pocky molds
  • Chocolate
  • Pocky
  • Decoration


It’s an easy concept, melt some chocolate!VioletLeBeaux-deco-pocky-580_14907Put a piece of pocky and some decorations into the mold.


Sometimes it’s easier said than done without getting them everywhere XD


Camwhore with the instructions.


Add chocolate to the mold.


Put chocolate into the pocky part before you stick into the pocky this way it gets completely encased.


Pocky next.


Then more chocolate.

Scrape off any extra… or alternatively don’t add too much in the first place.VioletLeBeaux-deco-pocky-601_14928

Stick them into the fridge until completely set.

My first lot pretty much sucked because they broke as I took them out of the molds. At this point if yours don’t suck you can add more decorations.


My second batch was much cuter.


Of course it was a super hot day so after about 10 seconds they melted back into chocolate goo and I ate them with a spoon XD


Awesomely fun way to spend an afternoon especially if you can make them with a friend!


Now if you want to see good cooking look at what this handsome guy who seems to live in my kitchen has made lately…


Delicious paella, soooo good. I only tried this for the first time recently but it’s so yummy!


Sausage bread and he even baked the bread from scratch!


And green tea loaves of bread too with cream cheese inside. *drool*VioletLeBeaux-deco-pocky-728_15183

Did you eat anything delicious this week?

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