Limited edition Hello Kitty make up? Oh yes please. After my last review of the Hello Kitty range (cough and seeing my sizable collection of it) their PR department was lovely enough to send me some of the new limited edition items that are out this month and offer some prize packs for you guys!


Review first then competition details at the end 😀

First up the limited edition items starting with the compact mirror.


It came in a little protective bag which was a nice touch. It’s light black plastic with a slightly shiny finish. The Hello Kitty print on the front is made from silver hologram which has a rainbow finish in the sun. It’s quite subtle but very cute.


Inside are two mirrors, one regular one and one magnifying face mirror. It’s very thin, thinner than the face compact which makes it perfect to keep in the handbag while still being a good enough size to actually be usefulOverall I really like it and I’m considering decoing it. That’s another thing actually, the surface is perfect for deco because it’s so flat 😀VioletLeBeaux-Hello-Kitty-Make-Up-904_16667Next up is the travel brush.

It’s fairly small, and the bristles are quite short. I would probably use it for foundation because I prefer larger blush brushes. The bottom section comes up to protect the bristles so when the lid goes on which is useful. The casing is made of metal with the pink logo printed on the side. The bristles are synthetic and I’d say probably medium quality.


Last of the limited editions, the sharpener.

Plastic with the printed logo, I don’t know if there’s much to review with a sharpener… it sure does sharpen pencils XD


Actually inside it comes with a little removable pick thing which I was wondering about. Is it to remove clogs or broken pieces of pencil?? Either way it does it’s job and looks cute! You can also flip the lid so it goes the other way and holds shavings in on the go.


On to the non-limited versions!

Two more polishes, the orangish Kawaii Coral and silver Le Fric C’est Chic.

The polish is a nice formula as I mentioned last time, the bottles are cute and the colours are interesting. The Kawaii Coral is a bright slightly milky orange it is opaque in two coats and stands out a lot. The Le Fric C’est Chic is a super shimmery silver that reminds me a lot of the Ulta3 silvers. It is opaque in one coat and would be great for konad because of the amount of shimmer.


Lipgloss in “Girly Lip”. I have the Baby Lip colour in this too and I love it to death as a neutral but this Girly version blows it out of the water. It’s a shiny dark pink with blue undertones… it’s pretty much my favorite shade of make up ever 😀 It lasts a while but it’s not what I would consider a long lasting gloss. The colour and finish totally make up for that though and it’s quickly become a colour that I use constantly!


Eye shadows! Desert Dore on the left and Gunflower on the right 😀


This Desert Dore shade really surprised me. I normally hate neutrals but I found this to be so wearable that I fell in love. It has a gold shimmer through it and so it goes perfectly with pinks and stands out from my skin tone well. It lasts all day and doesn’t crease easily. One thing I love about these is that they stack, the tops are flat so if you have a couple of them you can stack them easily in a drawer.


The pink in this duo works perfectly with the above shade too and has a slight simmer in it so they mix really well. I wasn’t a big fan of the black shade in this one but I personally don’t use black a lot and it did go very well with the pink and neutral above.


And here are some photos of me wearing the make up! The lipgloss has worn off quite a bit at this point, it’s much brighter at first swipe.


Competition time!

Hello Kitty has 5 prize packs to give away:

Valued at $62.85 and are made up of three gorgeous Hello Kitty Cosmetics and three LIMITED EDITION Hello Kitty accessories:

  • Hello Kitty Mirror Compact (Limited Edition available in April only)
  • Hello Kitty Makeup Sharpener (Limited Edition available in April only)
  • Hello Kitty Retractable Powder Brush (Limited Edition available in April only)
  • Hello Kitty Nail Polish
  • Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss
  • Hello Kitty Duo Eye Shadow
  • Australian residents only (sorry everyone else, I am finalising 2 other competitions coming soon for you!)
  • Entries accepted from when this goes live until midnight 25th April 2012.
  • Winners will be judged on creativity.
  • I will contact winners via email for their details to give to the Hello Kitty rep who will send your products. You have 1 week to respond before another winner will be picked.
  • More terms and conditions here.

To enter just leave a comment on this entry telling me which product is your favorite and why 😀

Good luck everyone!

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