I’ve done flower magnets before, you can see the daisy ones I did over here, but back to the point I made another set of them for a friend’s care package so I thought you a might like to see it for some other inspiration 😀 Honestly these are a cute idea no matter what kind of flowers you have. Hell I’m just sticking magnets to anything that doesn’t move now XD

Big flower with two lavender sprigs!

VioletLeBeaux-flower-magnet-tutorial-575_1291 copy

Glued together!VioletLeBeaux-flower-magnet-tutorial-576_1291 copyFelt circle on the back…

VioletLeBeaux-flower-magnet-tutorial-579_1292 copy
Make a nice flat surface for the magnet.

VioletLeBeaux-flower-magnet-tutorial-580_1292 copy

Magnet on!

VioletLeBeaux-flower-magnet-tutorial-584_1292 copy

Done! That took all of about 3 minutes 😀

VioletLeBeaux-flower-magnet-tutorial-585_1292 copy

Quick crafts for the win!