So one of the problems I have with our apartment is that we have a lot of clutter that looks cheap. I don’t think because things are inexpensive they need to *look* cheap. To prove this point here’s my next project: decorating the top of the microwave with expensive looking things that really aren’t.


The main piece in the photo above is the floral bowl/vase/whatever. You may recognise it from when James filled it with Slurpee, then proceeded to drink the whole thing within a few hours.

Home-Make-Over-Journal-6Project 2. The Glass BowlWe found this bowl in the Black Hole (the place people leave stuff for hard rubbish pick up downstairs)

I found some mirror strips in my craft stash.

Very simple project but it looks so expensive.

Wrap the mirror as a band around the top. Add some netting to the inside. Stick in a bunch of fake flowers!

Cost Breakdown:

  • Vase $0 (I’ve seen the vases for $5 at the junk store though)
  • Flowers $0 (you can get bunches at junk stores for $2 though)
  • Mirror $2
  • Netting $0.20
  • Total cost $2.20
I’ve seen ones just like the finished project in fancy home stores for like $60+.
So this is my base:


It’s basically a big tall glass bowl.


These little mirror pieces come on adhesive backing and were $2 at a junk store.


I cut them into strips of 3.


Peeled off the back and stuck them to the top of the bowl.


No seriously that’s it.


I added some random netting material I had to the inside so it had another texture then dumped a bunch of fake flowers in too.


Pretty neat huh?

To top off that area I put down an lace matt which I think my grandmother made (you can buy lace doilies at thrift stores for next to nothing) then added a couple of candles on top. Clutter like this looks so much better if you keep the colours similar so I used creams and pinks throughout.


I’m very happy with the results and that’s another area down in the house!


I hope some of you give this one a go!