I’m giving my make up area a complete make over. The hilarity of that sentence isn’t lost on me XD

Anyway part of the Home Sweet Home make over includes my vanity table, more of that in the actual post but today I’m showing you one of the little organisational containers I made to put on there.

My theme was white picket fencing and I made it from stuff I already had at home:


So let’s jump in!

What you need:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • White paint
  • Decorations
  • Sharp scissors


Start by deciding how big you want the box to be, my base was 8 sticks. Lay out the correct number of popsicle sticks like this:


Now you need to make cross beams to stick it all together so cut the appropriate length sticks.


Glue three of them down onto the base so it’s completely secure.


Now to start making the sides. Cut the sticks to the correct length so you have one for each side of the base.


Then cut enough picket pieces for each side. Mine were half the length of each original stick so that make it nice and easy to measure. Glue them to the first side piece.


Then add two more sticks on top of that to make it look more fence-ish ^_^


Repeat for the other sides and you have this:


One by one glue each side upright onto the base.


And you now have a box!


For extra strength I glued in some cross pieces to the corners.


Now you just need to make it look prettier!


Paint the whole thing white.


Mine needed a couple of coats before it looked right.


Now it’s time to decorate, this is the most fun bit! I wanted mine to be very spring-ish so I used fake flowers to make it look like a window box.


I glued a sculpey flower between each picket.


Then floral lace around the inside so it was peaking out of the gaps between the pickets.


Pretty cute yes?


The last step was adding a nice bow to the front 😀


Done! The most time consuming part of this was waiting for the paint to dry because, well, it was like watching paint dry 😉 Other than that it was quick and easy but it looks adorable and is the perfect size to hold eyelashes still on their trays.


You’ll get to see how it all matches into my vanity when finish the diary entries on that 😀


What do you all think?


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