So my first few projects for the Home Sweet Home theme are taking longer to write than I expected so I’m skipping them for now and moving on to the third… because I’m the god of my notebook and I say I can… so there ^_^

The result is that today I’m playing with flower arranging!


From my diary:


Project 3. That Stupid Corner!

There is a corner in our lounge that I hate. It has a box platform plastered in and because it’s next to the TV and the heater it’s terrible for decorating. I want to sove this puzzle by putting our black hole vase there and filling it with flowers and other trinkets.


I have a random collection of flowers and bits and pieces to use.

This is my vase, we found it in the throw away pile downstairs. I call that place The Black Hole because it magically makes cool stuff appear but more on that in another post! I like this vase because it’s tall and has a pretty floral pattern with a classic shape.


These are the flowers I had to fill it with. Some of them are from my junk store stash, some were given to me by Celeste when she moved and some are keep sakes. There’s the peacock feather James found me at the zoo and my flower from the Langham as well as some little jewel trinkets.


The reason I chose these flowers in particular was because they all had complimentary colours and interesting textures. Some of them are soft, some pointy, some little, some big and some tall, some short.


Most of them had wire stems so to get different heights I just bent them to the length I wanted or snipped off the bottom. I preferred to bend them though so the vase looked fuller.


To fill the vase I started with the biggest  tallest pieces in the back.


I added pieces in odd numbers, so 3 long pointy pieces with small flowers.


Then the rest of the tall pieces around the back. There was no point adding them to the front as they would be covered by smaller flowers.


I didn’t stick to just flowers either, feathers, jewels and anything with a nice texture is good to fill in gaps.


Next I added a layer of medium flowers to fill the entire front of the vase so you couldn’t see in through the gaps anymore. The big roses were really good for this and because they also had some netting sections it was even better to give variety.


I put some large diamantes and crystals throughout the whole thing.


And lastly added some little tiny flowers to cover any annoying gaps.


To dress the corner up a bit I first put an old cake stand on the box. This gives the arrangement extra height and it’s a good place to store the cake stand which never actually gets used XD




After playing around with the placement  added a pretty green bow and moved some of the taller flowers so it looked like a one sided sweep and pointed towards the window. I really like the way it brightens up the room!


What do you guys think? Another project done!

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