Snapshots time… finally! And you know what? I found a random folder I never posted originally so we’re starting off with photos from last year!

Melbourne-Photos-369-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

There was a Kiehl’s and Shu uemura event last year  to see their new product lines 😀
Melbourne-Photos-365-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copyI picked the blue look out of the two new palettes and was expertly made over 😀Melbourne-Photos-422-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copyMelbourne-Photos-363-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

My beautiful make up artist:

Melbourne-Photos-522-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

She had the most insanely beautiful lashes!

Melbourne-Photos-532-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

Me after the make over:

Melbourne-Photos-589-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

After that we all switched places and I got my skin tested at the Kiehl’s section. My skin expert was HILARIOUS! there was time left over after the important skin testing so we spent most of it discussing margarita exploits XD He was absolutely awesome and I wish he worked in the city store so I could go chat again!

Melbourne-Photos-723-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

Pretty gift sets, I know I’m a sucker for anything in a bag >_<

Melbourne-Photos-629-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

… or that comes with a bear…

Melbourne-Photos-678-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

Next up in my folder of oldness was a trip to the Youtube Partner’s meeting. I stopped off  to take some photos at Melbourne Central on the way. No matter how many times I go here I really like looking at the shot tower, it’s so trippy!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-427_1059 copy

The decorations at the time were still all Christmasy.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-426_1059 copy

Outfit for the day!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-438_1060 copy

I forgot how much fun curls like this are, now I want to wear them again tonight XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-437_1060 copy

The partner’s meeting was lot of fun, lots to learn but it was awesome to meet people who have similar interests to me!

With friendly Youtubers:

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-444_1061 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-439_1061 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-442_1061 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-440_1061 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-445_1061 copy

Afterwards Celina, Toby, James and I went for a quick dinner to work through all of the notes we took. Between the two of us being insane note takers I think we almost wrote it word for word XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-446_1061 copy

Next up I went to the opening of Topshop in December! There were so many events last year it really tired me out so this year I’m slowing down a lot more and doing more interesting things rather than just going to events. I can’t wait to go strawberry picking and visit the other Zoo and check out new markets, so many things to do in Melbourne and I’m going to do as many of them as I can 😀

Anyway now, rambly tangent aside look at the pretty chairs at Topshop! Another case of chair envy.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-914_1132 copy

The hat I totally almost bought and am still tempted to go back for…

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-923_1133 copy

More of me doing the same pose in every picture XD Yeaaaah….

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-925_1133 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-920_1132 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-929_1133 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-932_1134 copy

The sky was so pretty that night, it looked like a big neon painting.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-935_1134 copy

More recently James spotted this pretty car. He’s a big lover of classic cars, he even had a 1963 Valiant Regal AP5… whatever that means. We couldn’t afford to bring it to Melbourne though so it got sold. One day when I’m a bajillionaire I’m going to buy it again for him or maybe a Charger or something similar 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-934_1134 copy

Here are some pretty window displays I found recently. I think I want to make some of these stars to hang around the house. I worry that hanging them out make the apartment feel even smaller though.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-946_1135 copy

Yeah I kind of took a look of photos of these but they were really pretty XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-943_1135 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-948_1135 copy

And one of the few good photos I have of James, he never stands still enough for them!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Photos-957_1136 copy

And one last one of some weird festival thing I walked past where fairies on stilts were blowing bubbles.

VioletLeBeauxIMG_3906_9596 copy

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!

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