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So last post on the Dove Nutri-Oil trial today!

The biggest thing I’m guessing you’re interested in is the results? So did I notice long term differences? Not a huge amount, my hair was in good condition at the beginning of the trial so I wasn’t expecting to see gigantic before/after results. But I imagine that had my hair been dry or in need of more repair I would have seen a more noticeable difference. I’m looking forward to seeing how the winners of the competition go with it and whether they have different results to me.

So you can judge for yourself, the photo from before we started: philosophers

And more recently after using:


Like I said, short term results are good. I like that my hair is shiny when using it, I like that it’s easy to style and I like the my hair is very soft. Overall it feels very good after putting it in so I really enjoyed the short term results.Will I keep using it now the trial is over? Yes I will continue to use it but probably not as religiously. I think it’s a nice treatment to use after washing but I most likely won’t continue using it every single day before styling as I really don’t think my hair requires it that often. More likely I will use when I think my hair needs a boost or keep in my handbag for an emergency shine boost.

Using the Dove Nutri-Oil system has definitely given me a different perspective on oil hair products, I have been happy with the results and it’s reasonably priced so there’s no reason I wouldn’t continue along with it.

Easy styling, with my adorable friend Julia at Fashion Park:


Lastly, here’s a shot from the LMFF show I did last week so you can see the current state of my hair and judge for yourself!

And a more recent one from last weekend while I was trying on glasses at an accessory store 😀

So did any of you guys try out the Nutri-Oil range yet?? I’d love to see if you had different results to me!


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