I realised over my crafting holiday that for some reason I’ve amassed a lot of coloured wire in my stash. No freaking clue how it got there but I figured if it’s there I might as well use it!

So the first thing I made was a little flower hair clip. It’s pretty crazy looking but I really like it.

I used:

  • Wire in various colours
  • Bobby pin
Originally I was planning to make this into a magnet but I went with hair clip instead. You could really put whatever backing on that you want though!

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-62_1276 copy

I did the flower in two sections. The middle out of yellow and the outside out of red. For the inside I made loops of wire…VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-63_1276 copyThen twisted them leaving the end as a circle.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-64_1277 copy

I made a bunch of them like this…

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-65_1277 copy

Done! Next the red section. I wrapped the red wire around my fingers…

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-67_1277 copy

Then used some pliers to twist the ends together.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-69_1277 copy

It ended up like a tear drop shape.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-68_1277 copy

I flared the end loops out to form petals.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-70_1277 copy

After making a second one I placed them on top of each other with the twisted ends in the middle.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-71_1277 copy

To make the flower a bit fuller I wrapped the wire around my fingers again and twisted in the middle.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-73_1277 copy

I flared it out and then placed it on top of the first red parts. I tied them all together with more wire and then added the yellow part in the middle.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-75_1278 copy

Everything was held together with wire and then I inserted the bobbypin and wrapped it in with more wire.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-76_1278 copy


VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-79_1278 copy

You could make so many variations on this style.

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-80_1278 copy

I could really picture a gigantic version of this perched on top of a big bun, pinup style!


Now to think of what to make with the rest of the wire!