Outfit time again 😀 This time I have one dressy one and one casual one!


First up dressy ^_^Dress- Made by me
Jacket- Peter Alexander
Shoes- Mini Maos
Bag- Gift from my Mu
Necklace- Peter Lang VioletLeBeauxP1050032_15534

This was the outfit I wore last weekend to the Tsumiki event. I like this dress a lot and I don’t know why I don’t wear it more often ><



This has been my favorite lazy hair style lately: Mini side pony tail with a bow. It’s so quick and it looks good with straight or curled hair.


Detail shots:


Now onto  a casual outfit I wore this one to go out to dinner with friends.

Shirt: Vanity Box
Jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: Le Pommier

Haha I’m wearing the same bow in this outfit too, it was a present from The Fashionate Traveller and is BTSSB.


I’ve been wearing this shirt so much lately because it’s so comfy and you can just throw in on.


This hair is another variation if the mini one sided pony tail, same thing but it was really windy so I plaited the end to keep it out of the way.


It was raining like crazy that night and I walked right into a gigantic puddle. You can be assured that everyone thought it was hilarious XD I clearly need to be much more observant when I’m walking around! I think I’ve been in a bit of a daze lately, I need to get a lot more sleep and start not working so much at night again >_<

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