I’ve felt a bit like I’m spinning my wheels lately, working hard but never finishing anything so it’s really nice to be able to put up a project I promised almost a year ago *_*

I’ve wanted to implement downloadable version of tutorials with print out patterns for ages but it’s something that’s so time consuming it always gets pushed to the back burner.  I’ve managed to get the first 10 of them done now and updated the corresponding posts so I hope you enjoy them!

Each download features cleaned up and re-edited images, simpler instructions and a comic style layout. If you have any suggestions on how to improve future versions please let me know! Some people have suggested arrows or numbers to show which order to read the boxes in so if you think that would be easier leave a comment.

Feel free to add these to your Pinterest or Tumblr. Being able to easily add them to craft to-do lists is one of the main reasons I wanted to use this format as it can be hard to keep track of stuff you want to do from multiple websites while trying to remember the tutorial urls!

As I continue working I will be adding other extra information to old tutorials too such as patterns you can print and cut out too as well as launching my Etsy store which will have a lot of new content. So more stuff to look forward to ^_^

Click the image below to be taken to the large version or click the title to see the original tutorial post.

Hello Kitty Style Hair Holder Tutorial.

Free Hello Kitty Fringe Clip Pattern Download

Bergamot Bunny Handwarmer Tutorial.

Free Bunny Handwarmer Tutorial Pattern Download

Double Bun Hairstyle Tutorial.

Free Hair Tutorial Double Buns Pattern Download

Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial.

Free Hair Tutorial Faux Bob Pattern Download

Plaited Bow Hairstyle Tutorial.

Free Hair Tutorial Plaited Bow  Pattern Download

Big bow Hairstyle Tutorial.

Free Hair Tutorial Bow Style Pattern Download

Overhead Plait Hairstyle Tutorial.

Free Hair Tutorial Summer Plaits Pattern Download

Heart Pompom Tutorial.

Free Heart Pompom Tutorial Pattern Download

Perfect Ribbon Bow Tutorial.

Free Perfect Ribbon Bow Tutorial Pattern Download

Simple Ribbon Rose Tutorial.

Free Ribbon Rose Tutorial Pattern Download

Ruffled Belt Tutorial.

Free Ruffled Belt Tutorial Pattern Download

Recycled Bunny Slippers Tutorial.

Free Recycled Bunny Slippers Tutorial Pattern Download

Thanks for reading!


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