Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution

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I’ve held off on this review for a while because I wanted to make sure I was really thorough in my testing because the concept of the product is one that suits me so well. Basically it’s a make up remover/cleanser which is formulated by dermatologists to be completely suitable for sensitive skin. As someone who has very sensitive skin and quite bad allergies this is the kind of product that I dream about, but having been burnt before I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much before I’d had time to really get to know the Crealine well.

So the short version of this story is that it exceeded all of my expectations by a long shot. I have used it solidly for around 3 months now and have not had any adverse reactions at all. The best part is that it still does it’s job. Sometimes I find that products made for sensitive skin are less potent than their regular counter parts, for example some makeup removers are gentler in formula but don’t break down make up as much as a regular one so you end up having to rub harder and cause more damage. This Crealine isn’t like that at all, it removes makes up simply and easily leaving nothing left behind.

It’s marketed as being an H2O Solution and I think that’s really the best way to describe it’s consistency: it’s like bottled water. After use it doesn’t leave a film or residue it’s really just like washing your face with water but water that actually breaks down and removes make up. I don’t have the knowledge to talk intelligently about the science behind the idea but obviously there is more information on their website about that side of it.

The packaging is plain which I like and the easy to remove lid makes is perfect for being able to transfer into travel containers. I like the pink lid too as it fits in well with my bathroom. It’s not fancy but it does the job which is kind of refreshing!

All in all, I didn’t really find any negatives about this product at all which is very rare for me. I’ll be continuing to use it now and definitely looking to try some of the other products in the Bioderma range as it seems to suit my skin type nicely!

Bioderma is a new brand here in Aus so it can be a little tricky to hunt out stockists, here’s a handy list from their PR department in case you were curious.

You can currently buy it at these places or by contacting directly through their Facebook page:

In Sydney

–          Avalon Beach Pharmacy, 40 Avalon Parade, Avalon, NSW 2107
–          Drummoyne medical Centre Pharmacy, 1/159-167 Victoria Road, Drummoyne, NSW 2047
–          Forestway Pharmacy, Shop 24, Forestway Shopping Centre, Frenchs’Forest, NSW 2086
–          Inform Pharmacy North Sydney, 68 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
–          Inform Pharmacy Neutral Bay, The Grove Arcade, Shop 1, 166 Military Road, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089
–          Greenwood Plaza Pharmacy, Shop M15-M17 36 Blue Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
–          Prohealth Pharmacy, 2/2 Booralie Road, Terrey Hills, NSW 2084
–          Wade’s Chemist, 152 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, NSW 2066
–          Manly Vale Pharmacy, 339 Condamine Street, Manly Vale, NSW 2093

In Melbourne

–          Amcal Wattle Park Pharmacy, 1123 Riversdale Road, Surrey Hills, VIC 3127
–          Healthsmart Pharmacy, App. 23009B, Shop 5, RMH, Grattan St., Parkville, VIC 3052
–          Newton & Leung Pharmacy, 272 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

Would I buy Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution again: Yes, absolutely and without hesitation.

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