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Since I started doing hair tutorial videos one of the most common things I’m asked is for a hair care routine video. I really want to sit down and do a detailed video on that but in the mean time I thought maybe a hair history might be interesting!

So when I was 14 I dyed my hair for the first time, I was going to do it black but changed my mind to bright red at the last minute. No pictures of that because it would involve digging through boxes of old school stuff but I will get them out next time we move so you can all laugh at them XD

After the red, I let it all grow out when I was around 17 and did blue, that didn’t last long and was replaced with green and eventually black after it faded. My hair was quite long up until the black at which point I got sick of it and cut it into an angled bob with a short fringe!

After a while it grew out and I evened it out to this…