Last week’s big week is stretching into a big couple of weeks, I think I’ll need a holiday to get over it all 😉

Very important news first for readers who follow my posts via Google Friend Connect.

Google will no longer be offering the friend connect service to blogs hosted outside of Blogger. Basically sucks to everyone who has built a community and the readers who enjoy reading a variety of sites. So around next week my updates will no longer appear in your Friend Connect Feed >_<

If you still want to receive my updates you have a lot of other options to continue reading so here’s a handy list to make the transition as easy as possible:

So that’s it, if you want to continue following give one of those options a try or if you have any suggestions just let me know! I’ll be sending a reminder message via the GFC app later in the week.


The site will most likely be down this weekend and it’s going through some major back end maintenance. I will post the times and updates during on my Facebook page so follow there to keep up to date.


Anyone have any awesome PS3 games they can recommend me? We’ve gone through all of ours and I totally need something to de-stress to at night!

On to something a bit more interesting…

Another super quick but effective craft for gifting today: monogrammed slippers 😀

I made these ones for James’ Mum ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-81_1380 copy

It takes about 10 minutes to do so these are awesome for last minute gifts too!Buy some slippers, I happened to find these cute one at Target and while they were super cute as-is I wanted to make them a bit more personal.VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-70_1379 copyDraw your letters on some felt.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-74_1380 copy

And cut them out.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-75_1380 copy

Attach with hot glue or by stitching. I chose hot glue because I was pressed for time.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-76_1380 copy


VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-77_1380 copy

Seriously that’s it…

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-78_1380 copy

Completely adorable and you could customise the idea a lot depending on the kind of slippers you were starting with. It’s quite cost effective too because you can get slippers similar to these ones at junk stores or places like Daiso for under $5.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-80_1380 copy

Now I want to do some for me! I bought some super puffy Mario mushroom slippers in the Boxing Day sales so I really want to make them cuter 😀

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