So as I mentioned the other day in the Round Up post, James has officially launched his shop on Etsy selling photography prints. YAY!

The reason I say YAY is that it’s something he’s wanted to do for years and he’s finally had the time/money/etc to do something like this for himself… so YAY!

Click here to visit his store or click any of the pictures below to go to specific items.  

He’s starting with mounted 6×4 prints for now and will be moving up into other sizes, tryptichs and other matted versions (not just mounted) soon depending on how popular it is. He’s even talking about setting up at some local markets with a stall ^_^

And at only AU$10 a piece 😉

I couldn’t help wanting to post a couple of the shots of them on the easels because I was so excited to actually have printed copies we can display around the house XD They look amazing in person, so enjoy!


Jimmy-America-Photography-15Jimmy-America-Photography-16Jimmy-America-Photography-17Jimmy-America-Photography-18Jimmy-America-Photography-19Jimmy-America-Photography-20Jimmy-America-Photography-21Jimmy-America-Photography-22Jimmy-America-Photography-23Jimmy-America-Photography-24Jimmy-America-Photography-25Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoy them in my living room 😀 Oh and also congratulations James!

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