Outfit time!

This first outfit has become one of my all time favorites now, it’s so Spring-ish and floofy ^_^ I wore it for a day out with James wandering the city looking for fun things to do.


I’ve also started another project to give me a bit more inspiration: drawing outfit shots! I really enjoy seeing other posts like this and it’s a fun way to keep in practice without having to devote hours to making something, quick water colour sketches like this are awesome! Let me know what you guys think and I might keep posting them here rather than just on my Deviant Art.ootd1This outfit was all about details so here are some close ups. I also filmed a short outfit video on it which I need to hurry up and edit XDThe hat is from Big W and I added all of the flowers and ribbons.


The bag is Lizlisa and I love the chain and flower details.


The brooch is Amaranth Opulent, LOVE it!


The skirt is vintage.


My make up for the day was another new style I decided on that morning, a mix of blue and purple.


The part that I like the most about it is the double eyeliner, black and then blue over the top.


This outfit is something completely different to my normal things but I fell in love with the dress the first time I tried it on.


It’s quite business-y but can easily be cutened up different accessories. This is pretty much as business-y as I get XD


Dress- Femme Connection

Cardigan- Present from my mother

Shoes- Femme Connection


This was the outfit I wore for the CNY festival. It was crazy hot again that day so I stuck with something simple and comfy.


Bonus shot! James took this random shot of my messy room while I was trying to get ready to go out.


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