So much happening this week it’s a bit crazy *_*

I have an unexpected trip to Sydney for a couple of days so I’ll be away a bit. Hopefully I’ll be allowed to video some of it but I’m waiting for confirmation, if not I’ll definitely post when the official stuff gets released!

It’s a week of new stuff launching too which is pretty exciting!

James has launched his etsy store finally with prints, I’ll do a proper post about that tomorrow with some of his photos, I’m really proud of him finally doing something he’s wanted to do for years!

I’m launching my etsy store this week too, I’ll be selling packs of new tutorials on top of the stuff that’s here. It’s been a lot of work to get ready but I’m quite pleased with how it’s all going and I hope you guys like it too. And there will also be Bergamots in the store FINALLY but not for another little while yet. In the mean time I will be putting up some smaller Bergamot themed items in the next few weeks too! So a post out that soon too hahaha!

Aaaand I’ll be launching a new Youtube channel this week too, one just for my V-Logs ^_^ That way if you prefer to just watch them, your inbox won’t be stuffed full of tutorials and vice versa. I’ll be celebrating it with a new video every day for the first week and then I’ll be updating weekly from then on. Surprise, there will be a post on it XD

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, all the things I’ve been working on the last few months are finally coming together so I’m kind of running of excitement overload at the moment haha!

This week’s videos:

One of my favorite hair styles:

Beauty Reviews:

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