Another very simple paper clay flower tutorial today. This one plays up with one of my favorite things about paper clay: it’s paper-ish tearing ability!

The end result is something along these lines with very ragged deconstructed edges.


This is the paper clay that I’m using, I want to try making my own but I found this for $3.50 at Tokuya the other day.VioletLeBeaux-clay-torn-rose-diy-75_1329 copySo start with a ball of clay.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-torn-rose-diy-76_1330 copy

Roll it out on a flat surface.


Tear off long strips of clay that are around 1-2cm wide. You’ll see that the clay has really ragged edges like roughly torn paper.




Start by rolling an edge of one of the torn strips.


Continue rolling around so it forms the shape of a flower. I found that it felted the shape to pleat the strip every few cm because that flares out the “petals” a bit more. As you go around you might want to wet the strips slightly so they stick better and if you want to you can roll the bottom end between your fingers so it forms a stem.


All finished!


So there’s another variation on a regular rose ^_^ I think this one is more like a carnation.

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