Ah budget food, I know thee well. The problem with budget food it that is always seems to save on money by taking a long time to prepare and that’s not something I’m prepared to compromise on often. James is awesome at cooking and he enjoys taking time to make really complicated recipes… I do not XD I like baking but cooking because I *have* to is not something I’m good at. So James does pretty much all of the cooking in our house and I make desserts 😀

So in the spirit of my hatred of wasted time and money I present the “James Can’t Be Bothered Cooking So Let’s Have Cheap Easy Pasta” recipe…

Also fair warning that I like my food with a lot of strong flavor 😉

You need:

  • Pasta (my favorite is fettuccine) – around $0.69 a pack if you get the home brand one
  • Tomato paste – around $1.10 a bottle if you get the home brand
  • Pre made pesto – around $4 a bottle
  • Parmesan cheese – around $2
  • Mozzarella, pre-shredded – around $5 (optional)
  • Frozen or fresh veges (optional)

VioletLeBeauxP1000894_1130 copy

Cook the pasta, for ultimate laziness points use one of those microwave pasta box things. I got mine at a junk store for $2 and it is AWESOME.VioletLeBeauxP1000895_1130 copyAdd cooked pasta to a bowl.VioletLeBeauxP1000896_1130 copy

Add a spoon of tomato paste and one of pesto.

VioletLeBeauxP1000897_1130 copy

Mix together, add a lot of parmesan and mozzarella if you like a lot of cheese (I do!).

VioletLeBeauxP1000898_1130 copy

Add optional veges, I like fresh mushrooms or just those cheap frozen cubed veges.

VioletLeBeauxP1000899_1130 copy

Quit screwing around in the kitchen and get back to work while you eat lunch ;D The total time spent in the kitchen (not including pasta cooking time because I am generally back at the computer during that) is maybe 5 minutes.

It doesn’t look particularly appetising and it’s definitely not presented very well but it tastes good and it’ll get you through until dinner haha!

VioletLeBeauxP1000901_1130 copy

For something more visually appealing, here’s some packet mix pudding that I made last month. It looks good and I didn’t think it tasted half bad but James thought it was the worst thing in the world and spit most of it back into the sink. Clearly I need to stick to baking pies and macarons!

VioletLeBeauxP1020509_1292 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020511_1292 copy

I’m completely obsessed with watching videos of those Japanese DIY  gummy sweets though, they look like SO much fun to make and if importing wasn’t so insanely expensive I would totally get a bunch of them to experiment with! I need to find a Japanese grocer near here so I can start hunting for them at reasonable prices ^_^ If you haven’t seen the videos you totally need to, just check out RRCheriePie’s Channel. I wasted too much time watching them on the weekend… I probably should have spent that time making better pasta 😉

VioletLeBeauxP1020513_1293 copy