This craft is one for my across the globe friends who are currently enjoying Winter… or for those of us suffering through hot Summer and dreaming of cooler weather!

I LOVE window stickers. All of our windows are covered with squishy gel stars from Daiso and I have some little mini ones like this kitty that I bought at Camberwell markets. I sit at my little desk pretty much all day every day so looking through a window full of pretty stars brings a little cuteness and magic to my boring days ^_^

So being unbearably hot I decided to remind myself of the Winter with some home made snow flakes!

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-513_1384 copy

Here’s how I did it…You need:

  • Puff paint (you can buy special window paint but puff paint is cheaper and your local junk/craft store will be more likely to have it)
  • Baking paper
  • A pen/pencil to draw out your design.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-006_1332 copy

When I took the photos for this I was using aluminium foil as my surface but that ended up being quite annoying during the removal stage so I used baking paper all of the other times. If you don’t have baking paper you can just do it on regular paper and then soak it until the paper disintegrates off later.

So anyway back to the instructions 😀

Draw your design on to your baking paper, because it’s slightly transparent you can draw the design onto the back of the paper if you want to make sure no pen gets on the end product.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-007_1333 copy

This was my basic design.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-008_1333 copy

Now draw on top of your design with the puff paint. You want to make the lines fairly thick because it shrinks a bit when it dries.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-009_1333 copy

I experimented with different sizes before I found the best one for the consistency of my paint. My end products were around 5cm in diameter but yours might change depending on the paint you’re using.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-011_1333 copy

Too small and you’ll end up with a runny mess 😉

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-010_1333 copy

So leave them to dry overnight, it needs to be completely dry before you try to remove.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-460_1378 copy

To get them off just gently peel an edge of the paper. You may need to be careful with any small edges.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-507_1383 copy


VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-509_1383 copy

The baking paper buckles slightly when it’s wet so the back has a cut looking wavy effect.

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-510_1383 copy

To stick them to the window just moisten the back and press it to the window 😀

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-513_1384 copy

So easy to do and so pretty. You can make any shape you want, I’ve just gotten some new paints so I’m going to make a whole lot of these for all over the house 😀 Haha maybe all of you on the other side of the world can make some Summer themed ones!

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