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Bourjois Ultra Glamour Curl Mascara

Price: $20

Obtained: Bought


This was the first mascara that I ever bought that I really liked. I’d had many in the years previous but none that I was ever really satisfied with until I picked this up on a whim while on holidays 2 years ago. And  years later it’s still my go to mascara so I think that says quite a lot right there. The formula is fairly thick but I haven’t found it to be clumpy at all, it coats easily and stays put through the day. The curved brush makes application quite easily on the top lashes. I prefer to use another mascara for the bottom lashes though because white the formula is good, the brush is a little unwieldily for the bottom. All in all, it just works! It looks good, and the formula really works for me.

My main complaint is the packaging, it’s very pretty with the metallic pink and mat black tube but it gets dirty so easily that I find myself cleaning it often, even in the photos above it looks very dirty.

Would I buy Bourjois Ultra Glamour Curl Mascara again: Yes. I will definitely continue to buy it!

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