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Mirenesse Vibralash Mascara

Price: $49.95

Obtained: Received in giftbag


I can never decide if I like vibrating mascara or not. I like the concept of it but my eyes are insanely ticklish so in the past when I’ve used it all it made me do was blink a lot and get mascara all over the rest of my face. Needless to say I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this one. And yet I’m still using it a couple of months on because of 2 things:

1. Variable speeds

2. It’s removed in the little tube things like the other Mirenesse mascaras

So varying speeds was the part that got me over the ticklishness, it has 3 speeds and the lowest one is gentle enough that I can use it without blinking every two seconds. Yay that. To remove it rather than the traditional make up remover you can use water and it comes off in little tubes rather than smudgy panda eyes. This I love and this is why I’ve used Mirenesse mascara for around 4 years.

The brush is one of those plastic ones with small rubber points rather than bristles and I find that these work fantastically on lower lashes (you can see in the photo how it went on mine). I didn’t find that it lengthened or thickened lashes particularly but it was ok.

Would I buy Mirenesse Vibralash Mascara again: I’m not sure. I love it for my lower lashes, like the small vibrations and love the easy removal but the price for me is a kicker. If I had unlimited money I probably would buy again but on my current budget I wouldn’t pay that much unless it also had fantastic thickening/lengthening capabilities.

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