When I got my new camera I decided I wanted it to be as customised as possible. Other than deco-ing it I wanted to customise all of the other aspects as well including the straps, bag and any accessories. The first thing I did was paint the lens flower 😀

James get consistently frustrated by me calling it a lens flower because it’s such a girly way to say lens hood 😉 Now I just do it because I know it irritates him mwahahaha. LENS FLOWER!

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-835_1315 copy

I used acrylic paint and nail polish to do it and these are the steps I took ^_^My lens flower:VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-532_1287 copyI painted it with several coats of white acrylic paint as a base.VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-536_1287 copy

It took 3 coats to make sure it would be completely opaque. Coat 1 was kind of patchy.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-537_1287 copy

But all I really needed was a decent base so the nail polish wouldn’t be lost in black so I didn’t bother making it perfect.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-543_1288 copy

Once it was dry I gave the whole thing a coat with some nude polish.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-550_1289 copy

I gathered all of the polish colours I wanted to use and decided on a design, this one was inspired by a Pucci print.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-614_1295 copy

Then I went colour by colour building swirls up from the bottom.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-618_1296 copy

It’s quite hard to see at this point because the pinks were all quite similar.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-619_1296 copyVioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-622_1296 copy

All of the base colours are done!

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-623_1296 copy

Here’s one with upped contrast so you can see a bit better.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-625_1296 copy

I used a thin brush to paint gold and dark purple glitter around the bubbles to give them definition as well as the top and bottom.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-749_1307 copyVioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-830_1315 copy

To remove any bits that got a bit out of the lines I just wiped it away using a cotton bud and a tiny bit of polish remover.

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-754_1307 copyVioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-758_1308 copy

All finished! Totally girly and very me 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-841_1316 copyVioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-836_1316 copy

What do you think? Haha an improvement? The next thing on my list is making a nice camera strap to hold it all together 😀