Another random present that I made over Christmas which might give you ideas on something you could make!

James’ Dad is one of the most practical men that I know, he only ever wants practical things for presents. There’s a family story that he once bought James’ Mum a fire extinguisher for Christmas… she was not particularly impressed XD

So this year he asked for a phone case… but we couldn’t just get him a regular one so I set about making him one with his business logo on it.

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case629_1395 copy

Take 1 plain iphone case!

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case626_1395 copy

Draw roughly what you want the design to look like on the piece of clear plastic that you cut from the case’s packaging. This is important so you get the spacing right.

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case627_1395 copy

Draw the design on the case with a Sharpie or other permanent marker.

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case629_1395 copy

DONE! Give to  recipient and enjoy reaction 😀 Practical and personal all in one!

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