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Bourjois Heathy Mix Foundation

Price: $32 but can be found on sale at Priceline often for half price or buy one get one free.

Obtained: Bought


I’m always on the hunt for foundations which are light enough for my skin and that also cover my freckles. This ticks both boxes and therefore makes me a happy girl. It’s apparently full of fruit and good things for your skin but I could take or leave all of that because all I really want to know is does it work and does it look good? The answer is a resounding yes.

It’s a fairly watery consistency which I like because it goes on smoothly. Application is best with a brush (for fuller coverage) or a sponge for lighter. I like that it covers my freckles almost entirely but looks natural and very un-deathmask-y. There are a wide variety of colours and it lasts all day for me whether I use a finishing powder or not.

The bottle isn’t particularly big but I can definitely forgive that on the fact that I don’t use much per day and it’s on sale so often at Priceline that it’s a good deal.

Would I buy Bourjois Heathy Mix Foundation again: Yes, it works well for me and matches my skin tone at a price I like.

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