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Sax Wonderlash Dramatic Volume Mascara

Price: $17.50

Obtained: PR provided.


I haven’t really heard of SAX before I tried this mascara so I was interested to try both this and the other SAX products I received (lipstick and a smokey eye palette). I wore it over the course of a week but it didn’t really seem to agree with my lashes. The formula was very thick and the brush also super thick with bristles so I found it was actually hard to apply at times. It could be that I have particularly flexible eyelashes or something like that but getting it on was a challenge some days. When applied it lasted well and gave me nice thick lashes.

The biggest problem I had was the packaging, it has a plastic ring at the top (similar to most wand lipglosses) which wipes off most of the product when you remove the wand, very good idea but when you re-insert the want it also wipes it off going in. I found that I had to clean the top of it every time I used the product otherwise I ended up with dry caked mascara all over the opening. I wouldn’t mind that so much but considering it happened every time, the amount of product left behind just seemed a bit wasteful.

Overall I wasn’t particularly wowed by this one but I’ve seen quite a few positive reviews so I think it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Would I buy Sax Wonderlash Dramatic Volume Mascara again: I personally wouldn’t buy it but considering other people’s reactions I would suggest testing it out in store for yourself before making a decision.

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