Woohoo we’re finally up to the Christmas/Billy Idol Day Snapshots!

This year we went to the Zoo again, it’s become our tradition though I’m not sure if we’ll go again next year because it was much busier and I don’t want it to get old too quickly.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030017_1334 copy

Before we got to the zoo, we had planned to have breakfast at McDonalds but when we arrived it was closed >_< The weather was being really strange that day, it was around 35 Degrees Celcius but storms were also forecast all day so we almost cancelled the trip in case of rain.

As it turned out, the rain started right as we arrived and then stopped until right after we got home. That afternoon/night was one of the biggest storms Melbourne had seen all year, it was pretty crazy!VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030015_1333 copyLast year I bought snow leopard ears from the gift shop but this year I had special pretty cat ones which were given to me by Petticoats and Gallantry!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030026_1334 copy

You can see the details in a lot of the other photos in this post but they are long white faux fur with light blue lining and little blue bows covered in diamates. I LOVE them. I was worried they wouldn’t stay in my hair the whole day but the metal clips are very strong and I didn’t have to adjust them once. The quality of them is absolutely lovely and I the details are really cute. I’ve always held off buying cat ears because most of the ones you see are really terrible quality but these ones are so well made and detailed that I would definitely recommend checking out some of the other styles available too. They’re not on the Petticoats and Gallantry website at the moment but they are available at the VnV Boutique or just contact for more information etc. When I was at the store they had a whole display of different themed ones, some pink and fluffy and others gothic and dark. All of them looked too cute though! Definitely love them!

Anyway back to the other cute fluffy animals 😀

The first stop of the day was the meerkats, they were really shy because of the rain so only one of them came out to say hello.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030032_1335 copy

I think the rest had the right idea and were huddled up inside their burrows!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030037_1336 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030042_1336 copy

The one that was out was quite sleepy looking too, maybe it wasn’t time for them to wake up yet XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030047_1337 copy

There was a lot of “spot the meerkat” going on because of it’s awesome camouflage skills XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030067_1339 copy

The flowers were in bloom all over the zoo and it was so pretty!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030078_1340 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030079_1340 copy

For once I actually took more photos than James haha!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030082_1340 copy

One of the first animals we spotted out and about was this peacock and her babies.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030083_1340 copy

The fairy penguins were all bobbing around like bath toys XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030086_1340 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030091_1341 copy

We had breakfast at the Meerkat Manor, I had a spinach and ricotta roll which was nice but James’ muffin had rotten berries in it so he replaced it with a chocolate one *_*

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030109_1343 copy

The rain cleared up after that so it was just spitting a little bit, it was actually nice because the heat alone was horrible.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030132_1345 copy

The otter family had a baby! It was adorable but the poor thing had a big bump on its head 🙁 The other otters were really protective of it.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030123_1344 copy

We saw the tigers but missed the feeding this time. None of them were very close so I didn’t get a good look.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030146_1346 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030151_1347 copy

I spent as long as possible in the butterfly house because it made for such pretty photos. The humidity ended up driving us back into the outside heat though XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030152_1347 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030157_1348 copy

The butterflies kept landing on James’ head and he didn’t like it at all. He’s actually really scared of moths which I think is adorable!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030160_1348 copy

This butterfly seemed to have face planted in the food. OM NOM NOM!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030167_1349 copy

The colours of some of them were so pretty and they weren’t shy at all!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030174_1349 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030185_1350 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030189_1351 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030195_1351 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030198_1352 copy

We did a brief stop at the spiders but only long enough to snap a photo of how icky they were!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030217_1354 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030219_1354 copy

We found the male peacock wandering around near one of the food areas and he jumped off the top of a building while I was watching.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030228_1355 copy

Later on James found one of his feathers on the ground as a present for me 😀 Best souvenir ever!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030235_1355 copy

More beautiful flowers…

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030237_1356 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030241_1356 copy

All of the giraffs and zebras were being fed when we came through that area.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030243_1356 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030267_1359 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030257_1358 copy

And for no reason, here’s a zebra butt.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030273_1359 copy

At James’ insistance, this year we made it through to the Australian animal exhibit. The Australian part is a walk through area where the animals are partially allowed to roam free. James didn’t like this part because when he was a kid he was at a park and a kangaroo was trying to get to a baby and it’s grandmother and he went over to help and it put it’s arms around him like a hug, but then kicked him in the stomach *_* Australian animals are mean!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030276_1359 copy

The laziest kangaroos in the world…

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030282_1360 copy

An emu which creeped me out by following us along the path.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030286_1360 copy

A sleeping wombat who looked a lot more dead than asleep *_*

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030288_1361 copy

Echidnas which are so freaking cute because they waddle everywhere!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030298_1362 copy

And a koala’s back… which contrary to popular belief are not cute or cuddly but are actually mean and very smelly. I might be slightly biased because when I was a kid I went to one of those “hold the koala” things at a zoo and it peed on me. But bias aside they really aren’t very nice animals at all, I’d take those delicious koala chocolate candies over a real one any day!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030300_1362 copy

We went to the Great Aviary next which was so peaceful and relaxing.

I couldn’t get a good shot of this bird but it totally had the same hair as David Bowie in Labyrinth 😀 It spent the whole time preening itself too!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030312_1363 copy

This duck the with a blue beak was being a total jerk, all of the other ones were sleeping and it went to them one by one and woke them up!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030319_1364 copy

This one was the weirdest but most intriguing bird I’ve ever seem. It looks so bored… but somehow really awesome!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030317_1364 copy

And of course I had tot take a photo of the only pink bird there 😉

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030325_1364 copy

We found another meerkat enclosure when we were walking back to the other entrance and this one had much more active animals in it.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030334_1365 copy


VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030336_1365 copy

Before we headed home we also went through the aquarium section. My feet were pretty tired at this point so we sat and watched the seals for 20 minutes to rest.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030349_1367 copy

I finally got a good shot of a sea horse too!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030354_1367 copy

The seals mostly seemed like they wanted to nap XD

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030359_1368 copyVioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030341_1366 copy

The fairy penguins seemed to be planning some kind of coup, they were all taking orders on which way to face from the one up top, it was adorable!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030363_1368 copy

We saw some of the big cats but I didn’t get very clear shots through the bars. The lions were so sleepy, I felt the same way in the heat!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030372_1369 copy

The snow leopard and all of the other small cats were napping too.

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030375_1369 copy

I don’t think I got to see the bear last time but he looked so cute and scruffy!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030373_1369 copy

The last thing we saw before heading home was the lion’s feeding time, even when they were being fed they were so sleepy!

VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Zoo-1030386_1370 copy

We left a lot earlier than last year because of the heat and came back to the city for some bubble tea. We had planned to get dinner from a fast food place too but almost everything was closed *_* I was really surprised considering how many people were out and about!

For dinner we ended up with some Hungry Jacks and 7/11 sandwiches then lots of candy and chips for dessert 😀 It was such an awesome day, I had a wonderful time at the zoo and I can’t wait to think of what we’ll do next year!

How did you guys spend your holidays? Did you just chill out with family or did you have something big planned? Any suggestions for what I should do next year?

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