Sometimes I just feel like making a big pile of sparkly pink whipped cream. Those days are when things like this come out of the craft pile ^_^

It’s a ridiculously glitterly pink trinket box of pinkness… and glitter.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30468_1379 copy

It all started with a box and a base coat of acrylic paint.VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-20546_1288 copyVioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-20926_1325 copyThen several coats of glitter paint.VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-20929_1325 copyVioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-20933_1325 copyVioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30444_1377 copy

Then it was just a matter of piling on a lot of cute paper clay food I’d made several years ago.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30445_1377 copy

I did so by layering it all and hot gluing as I went.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30448_1377 copyVioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30452_1378 copy

You can never have too much whipped cream on a project like this.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30457_1378 copyVioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30458_1378 copy

Gaps filled with beads, pearls, diamantes and cabochons.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30467_1379 copy


VioletLeBeaux-clay-trinket-box-tutorial-30468_1379 copy

A good way to get out the pink glitter that’s been building up in my brain and make a gift for someone I know will love it, now I just need to get the rest of her package together 😀