I made a lot of phone straps as gifts this year, I like to have a supply of gifts already made which can be given at occasions which I don’t have time to prepare for or are unexpected.

The kind of straps are great for Lolita or Hime Gyaru friends and they are so easy to make!

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-605_1393 copy

You just need some pretty random lace/ribbon/flowers/felt/glue/pretty things.

So grab all of your pretty materials in one place.VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-592_1392 copyArrange them together how you’d like, I prefer to have one main piece of interest, a couple of  smaller things and then ribbon and lace dangling down.So this is going to be the main part…VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-594_1392 copy

And then dangling ribbons and lace behind it…

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-595_1392 copy

Glue the pieces together one by one.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-593_1392 copy

Then the ribbons on the back.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-597_1392 copy

Add a little metal link to the back so you can attach it to a strap later and cover all of the back with a piece of felt.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-600_1392 copy

And that’s all there is to it!

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-601_1392 copy

Pretty phone/bag/whatever strap for a girl who likes pretty things and it look all of around 10 minutes to make.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Phone-Strap-604_1393 copy

This is a fantastic way to use up old things from your craft stash too so it’s win/win!

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